Music Is Silence Between the Notes


I have been blogging about finding your passion. To some that is music. What a gift music has been to me. I remember when I was going through  transformation in my life. I went through some deeply depressing days. My life coach asked me “what makes you happy?” my answer, music. It can transform the lowest low. When I put on my headphones I am transfered to a different space. I am in a place of meditation with the silence between the notes. I am still, and peaceful. The Universe is made up of energy, frequency and vibration. Music is a frequency that vibrates energy. I’m sure you have FELT a song. That’s because you are moved by the vibration of energy that it carrys. You are touched by the musicians passion and joy for what he is doing. I believe the essence of the writer come through the music. We all vibrate to different types of music. It is what resonates in each heart and soul. When the writer creates, he is in flow and meditation. When we hear and connect to the music we are in flow and meditation. We are then all connected. The next time you hear a piece of music that you enjoy. Stop. Breathe. Connect. Bless the artist with the talent that brought into creation this wonderful piece of music!

“Music gives a soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everthing.”  Plato

Peace and Progress

About lauriepuntney

I am a business owner and spiritual educator, I believe we are all energy and that we can shift unhealthy beliefs that no longer serve us. That our purpose is to love what we do and do what we love. Because I believe that we are the closest to spirit when we are in nature, I like to blog my own discovers and inspirational messages with beautiful photographs. I hope to inspire and impact those who visit my blog. I enjoy yoga, running, golf, and meditation. All that bring me to my center in Spirit. Namaste
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