The Element of Water


Wow! So powerful, the element of water.  Water together with Wind, Earth and Fire is one of the four basic Elements, which represents the substance of the world. This is the belief among many races and tribes.When all four elements are integrated into your consciousness it creates a sence of wholeness and balance. Spirit is in all the elements.  The element of water represents your personal flow and your ability to balance at all levels. I have been blogging about meditation in motion. If you are drawn to water sports then odds are that is the element you resonate with. Surfing, fishing, water skiing ect. These are all activities that could be considered meditation in motion. I will be blogging about these in upcoming blogs. I will also be giving information on the elements!  So stay tuned. Namaste 😇

Peace and Progress


About lauriepuntney

I am a business owner and spiritual educator, I believe we are all energy and that we can shift unhealthy beliefs that no longer serve us. That our purpose is to love what we do and do what we love. Because I believe that we are the closest to spirit when we are in nature, I like to blog my own discovers and inspirational messages with beautiful photographs. I hope to inspire and impact those who visit my blog. I enjoy yoga, running, golf, and meditation. All that bring me to my center in Spirit. Namaste
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