Motion and Meditation.


This week I’m going to share my discovery on being present. In the moment and meditation while running.

First both produce feel good chemicals.
Tranquil mind usually follows a run and meditation.
Present moment awareness is promoted, which allows more consciousness.
We let go!

I love to put music on and let myself go. I have said meditation is focus. I focus on my steps and breath. After so long of practicing this state of mind, I easily respond.  I get into a zone, and into a flow. I am in the moment. When I am in that state of awareness, answer’s will come to me. Creativity flows. It is a place of all knowing. I know it is from spirit,  it is that still small voice. This is one way to meditate through motion. Stay tuned for next week’s meditation in motion. Namaste 😇

Peace and Progress


About lauriepuntney

I am a business owner and spiritual educator, I believe we are all energy and that we can shift unhealthy beliefs that no longer serve us. That our purpose is to love what we do and do what we love. Because I believe that we are the closest to spirit when we are in nature, I like to blog my own discovers and inspirational messages with beautiful photographs. I hope to inspire and impact those who visit my blog. I enjoy yoga, running, golf, and meditation. All that bring me to my center in Spirit. Namaste
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