Wow! This has been one of my discoverys. We can’t control how people treat us, who knows what’s going on in their lives on any given day. What they do is unimportant, how we react is what is important. We cannot be responsible for anyone but ourselves. It’s all about self responsibility. When we have a altercation with someone, whether positive or negative we have to own our own energy. Are we bringing positive energy to the situation? When we stay centered in the positive we can walk away knowing that we have created a positive experience, for ourselves and others. Now that’s good Karma. 😇

Peace and Progress


About lauriepuntney

I am a business owner and spiritual educator, I believe we are all energy and that we can shift unhealthy beliefs that no longer serve us. That our purpose is to love what we do and do what we love. Because I believe that we are the closest to spirit when we are in nature, I like to blog my own discovers and inspirational messages with beautiful photographs. I hope to inspire and impact those who visit my blog. I enjoy yoga, running, golf, and meditation. All that bring me to my center in Spirit. Namaste
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